HUYA Bioscience International Licenses the Novel SHP2 Inhibitor HBI-2376 for Development in Oncology

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SAN DIEGO, CA, USA – August 4, 2020 HUYA Bioscience International (HUYABIOTM), the leader in accelerating global development of China’s pharmaceutical innovations, announced today it has exclusively licensed worldwide rights, outside of China, to the SHP2 inhibitor, HBI-2376, from Suzhou GenHouse.

SHP2 is an important component of RAS signaling pathway leading to activation of ERK/MAPK pathways in a variety of cancer cells. Additionally, SHP2 interaction with PD-L1 (an immune checkpoint molecule) results in the inhibition of T cell activity in the tumor microenvironment. The possibility of SHP2 inhibition to enhance T-cell immunity is of enormous potential relative to the success of PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors in oncology. As a result, SHP2 multi-functions in tumor progression, cancer cell growth and suppression of anti-tumor immunity, further demonstrating development of SHP2 inhibitors for unmet clinical need.

“SHP2 is an exciting target and inhibitors of this enzyme have excellent potential to combine broadly with checkpoint inhibitors as well as other targeted anti-tumor agents, especially those targeting the RAS pathway,” said Dr. Dan Von Hoff, a leader in oncology drug development and long-time advisor to HUYABIO who serves as Director of Translational Research at the Translational Genomics Research Institute as well as Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona and the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Mireille Gillings, CEO and Executive Chair of HUYABIO said, “There is a large unmet medical need for safer and more effective cancer treatments. We believe that HBI-2376 is a promising novel compound that has the potential to treat cancer patients across many tumor types. Our lead program HBI-8000 continues to exceed expectations as regards efficacy and breadth of immune oncology effects across a wide variety of solid and liquid tumors. The addition of HBI-2376 expands our pipeline and our current momentum in developing new standards of care in oncology.”

About HBI-2376
HBI-2376 is an oral small molecule inhibitor of SHP2 for multiple tumor types whose cellular growth is dependent on the activity of receptor tyrosine kinases in the mitogen-activated protein kinase or MAPK pathway. Extensive biochemical characterization has shown that HBI-2376 is a highly potent and selective inhibitor of SHP2 phosphatase. Furthermore, preclinical investigations showed significant efficacy for HBI-2376 as a single agent or in combination with other small molecule inhibitors or checkpoint inhibitors in multiple tumor models. HUYABIO is planning to conduct the necessary studies to advance HBI-2376 to IND filing in the USA in the near future.

About HUYA Bioscience International
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