HUYA Bioscience International and TechCode Gu’an Lifesciences Park Establish Strategic Collaboration

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San Diego, CA, USA – November 9, 2015 –HUYA Bioscience International, the leader in accelerating the global development of China’s pharmaceutical innovations, today announced a strategic collaboration agreement with TechCode Gu’an Life Sciences Park (referred to as TechCode Gu’an Park). The collaboration will focus on promoting the development of biomedical innovations from companies located in the park that could help meet the growing demand to fill global pharmaceutical pipelines.

HUYA is the first company to have recognized China’s potential as an important source of new innovative preclinical and clinical stage compounds. The company accelerates the development and value creation for China-sourced novel biopharmaceutical compounds in worldwide markets. HUYA has already established over one hundred collaborations with leading universities and research institutes throughout China as a pioneer in licensing of both preclinical and clinical stage compounds.

TechCode Gu’an Life Sciences Park is operated by TechCode SME Services Co., Ltd., which focuses on incubator operation management and technology startup cultivation and is committed to building the world’s leading entrepreneurship ecosystem. TechCode Gu’an Park is located in China’s Hebei Province, close to the capital Beijing and with unique geographical advantages. The park has chosen biological products as its core area, positioning itself to be a base of biomedical translational medicine and targeting innovative R&D for a breakthrough in the high-end part of the industry value chain. Its objective is to enhance the connection between research and clinical studies and to promote the development and commercialization of innovative drugs.

Under this partnership, HUYA and TechCode Gu’an Park will work together to promote the development of innovative drugs from the local area that have global market potential. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies in TechCode Gu’an Park will have access to HUYA’s international pharmaceutical knowledge and networks as well as the company’s team of experts in drug development and globalization. In turn, HUYA will have priority to evaluate certain research and development projects conducted by these companies in the park and provide support and advice as needed.

“With TechCode Gu’an Park’s unique regional advantages, this collaboration further complements our strategic cooperation layout in North China. Through this cooperation, we would like to enable the development of more China-sourced novel pharmaceutical compounds.” said Clement Gingras, HUYA’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer Asia. “We feel confident on this partnership and look forward to prominent achievements in the near future.”

Xinxi Si, General Manager of TechCode Healthcare and Head of Gu’an Life Sciences Park also expressed his upbeat view: “We are delighted to have HUYA as a partner. Combining TechCode Gu’an Park’s special resources and HUYA’s international expertise in novel drug development will help us increase the success rate of industrialization and create value for enterprises in our park and in the surrounding areas.”

About HUYA Bioscience International
HUYA Bioscience International is the leader in enabling and accelerating the global development of novel biopharmaceutical product opportunities originating in China. HUYA has established extensive collaborations with Chinese biopharmaceutical academic and commercial organizations to speed development and value creation in worldwide markets for China-sourced product candidates. With the largest Chinese compound portfolio covering all therapeutic areas, HUYA has emerged as the partner-of-choice for building and maximizing the value of biopharmaceutical innovation in China. HUYA has offices in the U.S., Japan and eight strategic locations across China, with joint headquarters in San Diego and Shanghai. With the largest team of scientists working with Chinese innovators, HUYA identifies and advances promising drug candidates globally. Earlier this year, HUYA was named the winner of a Stevie® Award in the Health Products & Services and Pharmaceuticals category in the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards.

About TechCode SME Services and TechCode Gu’an Life Sciences Park
Focusing on incubator operation management and technology startup cultivation, TechCode is committed to building the world’s leading entrepreneurship ecosystem. Integrating a wide range of global resources, TechCode has established incubators in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guan, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Tel Aviv and Berlin to help get its startup members get on their feet and grow rapidly.
TechCode Gu’an Life Sciences Park, a successful case accomplished by TechCode Services, is located in Hebei Province, China, in the heart of the Great Beijing area. The park has been building an industrial system with monoclonal antibodies and vaccines as its featured segments, and biological diagnostics, peptide and protein classes of drugs, and high-end medical devices as its pillar segments. TechCode Gu’an Park is developing into an innovative industry cluster with R&D of biomedicines, diagnostics, and medical devices as its main direction.


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