HUYABIO Files an Investigational New Drug Application with the FDA for the Novel SHP2 Inhibitor HBI-2376

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US and China simultaneous filings by HUYABIO-Genhouse will initiate coordinated global clinical testing

San Diego, CA, USA – August 31, 2021 – HUYABIO International (HUYABIO™), the leader in accelerating global development of China’s pharmaceutical innovations, announced today the filing of an investigational new drug application (IND) with the FDA for HBI-2376 along with Genhouse who has filed an IND with the Chinese Center for Drug Excellence CDE.

“HBI-2376 (GH21) is a SHP2 allosteric inhibitor with very high selectivity. Both in vitro and in vivo studies have shown that HBI-2376 is effective against multiple SHP2 point mutations and has a very good PK and safety profile,” said Dr. Keifung Wang, CEO of Genhouse. “Therefore, GH21 is a very promising small molecule drug candidate that Genhouse along with HUYABIO will coordinate the global clinical development to make it available for cancer patients as soon as possible.”

The companies entered into a licensing agreement granting HUYABIO worldwide rights outside China to HBI-2376 prior to filing the regulatory submissions.

Dr. Mireille Gillings, CEO & Executive Chair of HUYABIO, said, “This submission represents a first filing of simultaneous INDs, to coordinate the development of our SHP2 inhibitor in both the US and China. We believe the drug’s global testing will accelerate its commercialization as an important new agent. It will add synergy to current immuno-oncology products which to date, have transformed cancer care. The potential here is to transform current immuno-oncology therapy to an even higher level and so improve public health.”

About HBI-2376; SHP2 Inhibitor

HBI-2376 is an oral small molecule inhibitor of SHP2 for multiple tumor types whose cellular growth is dependent on the activity of receptor tyrosine kinases in the mitogen-activated protein kinase or MAPK pathway. Extensive biochemical characterization has shown that HBI-2376 is a highly potent and selective inhibitor of SHP2 phosphatase. Furthermore, preclinical investigations showed significant efficacy for HBI-2376 as a single agent or in combination with other small molecule inhibitors or checkpoint inhibitors in multiple tumor models.

About HUYABIO International

HUYABIO is the leader in accelerating the global development of novel biopharmaceutical product opportunities originating in China enabling faster, more cost-effective and lower-risk drug development in the global markets. Through extensive collaboration with biopharmaceutical, academic and commercial organizations, it has built the largest China-sourced compound portfolio covering all therapeutic areas. With offices in the US, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Ireland and eight strategic locations across China, the Company has become a partner of choice to accelerate product development and maximize value globally. For more information, please visit

About Genhouse

Genhouse Bio is a clinical-stage biotech company focusing on the development of global next-generation anti-cancer therapeutics, headquartered in the Suzhou Industry Park. The senior management team of Genhouse has multiple years of experience in new drug development, clinical research and corporate management. Genhouse has a clear focus on original innovation and overcoming those “undruggable” targets. Genhouse has established integrated in-house drug development platforms. With these platforms, Genhouse has started to build a highly innovative anti-cancer pipeline and out-licensed the ex-China rights of its SHP2 inhibitor GH21 to HUYABIO, an international biotech company. Genhouse will continue to advance more innovative pipeline programs into global development.

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